Monday, June 26, 2006

Leftover Christmas Card Exchange

Well, so Christmas is fast approaching ...

LOL! Not really. God forbid that we should extend the Christmas season all the way back to July -- though we would do well to have more Christmas spirit year-round. However, since the holidays *do* have a way of creeping up on me, I'm starting early this year. I've started an exchange of leftover unused Christmas cards over on Swap-bot. Come participate!

Deadline to sign up: July 15, 2006
Deadline to send: July 30th, 2006

Each participant will have two partners. Send each partner 4 - 6 unused, mint-condition Christmas cards with matching envelopes. Send four if your cards are the large, fancy, foil-embellished ones, six if they are smaller and less showy, five if they are somewhere in between. If in doubt, send more than necessary, never fewer. The cards can be all the same or assorted. Religious and secular cards, store-bought and handmade are welcome -- as are cards with text in any language -- but in order to keep a sharp focus here, let's limit this swap to Christmas cards (rather than other winter holidays).