Monday, October 16, 2006

Garage-less Garage Sale

Yesterday from noon to 6 p.m. I held a "garage" sale. It was actually in my apartment, as there is no garage here. I closed the doors to the two bedrooms and opened the door to the hall and did quite a brisk business. I sold most, though not all, of the "big" stuff, and a lot of smaller things.

And what were the first two items to go? The dvd player and the televison set. The most-asked-about items? The dvd player and the televsion set. The second most-asked-about item? The sewing machine -- which, while often talked about, still has not sold.

What sold the least? Books. LOL

Actually, that's not true. I sold quite a few books. It's just that I had so many that there are still many left. And it is true that they were much less popular than the dvd player and television set, and that many, many people looked over everything at the sale except the books.

It was an exhausting and nerve-wracking day, partly because I was only able to sleep 3 hours the night before. I was up early, trying to have everything ready by my noon opening time. I didn't have everything ready in time, but we went ahead and opened anyway, and somehow it all worked out. Actually, it worked out because I had several very capable friends there to help out and keep me sane. Without their helping hand, I have a feeling my sale would have not been very successful.

Before the sale, I had expected to have unpleasant feelings upon seeing strangers heartlessly going through my possessions. Strangely, that didn't really happen. Maybe because during the "rush" times I was too busy to think about it and during the slow times I was too tired to do anything but sit down and wish it were all over, but somehow I was able to distance myself from the "stuff." So much so, in fact, that what was left just seems like so much junk now, and I wish it were all gone. I wish the apartment were pretty much empty, producing an echo when I speak.

It will be soon. In a couple of weeks all the clutter will be gone, and it'll be just me and three suitcases. I'm looking forward to it.