Friday, July 04, 2008

Photo Friday: Spiral

My offering for today's Photo Friday theme, spiral:
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The location of this shot is inside the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City -- but in the "back of the house" part of the basilica, not the main area where pilgrims and tourists go. It's not all ornate back there; there's mainly just your basic practical painted concrete walls and everyday tile floors. I was in that section once and only once in my life (in contrast to the public area, where I went probably at least a couple of hundred times during my 20+ years of residence in that city) -- in May of 2002, when I participated in a recital of Marian poetry composed by one of the Basilica's priests.

Though I only had a few seconds to get this picture (taken with my little Kodak DC3200 digital camera), I couldn't pass up the opportunity to photograph the spiral staircase that went down many floors through the heart of the building. Don't get me started on the possible spiritual allegories here; they'd be numerous and wind round and round like the staircases in the photo ...

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